Saturday, July 16, 2011

Box Instructions for Boxed Gift Card Sets

A lot of people have asked me to post the instructions for the Boxed Gift card sets that I keep making and posting, so here is it is. There are pictures to help visually although it is a very simple box. 
1.  Cut a piece of cardstock to 10" by 10"
2.  Score at 2" and 8" on one side
3.  Turn 90 degrees and score at 4" and 6"
4.  Then cut the flaps as shown in pic so box can be folded
5.  fold all score lines and glue sides together as shown
6.  Hole punch the sides so that a handle can be attached with brads
DONE!! Woo hoo!  it is the easiest box in the world and I designed the size to perfectly fit an A2 sized card and envelope.  I make up tons of these with 4 cards and envelopes and sell them at the Christmas Bizarre on the Air Force Base I live on, or I give them away all year long when I need a quick gift.  I also give away a couple of them each month at the Enlisted Spouses Club meetings I go to as door prizes!