Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boxed Gift Card Set #14

This is a set of 5 cards I made for my co-workers as we are ending the school year and most of us will not see each other again.  Being a military wife means working somewhere for a few years and then leaving, and that is exactly what we are doing this year.  My co-workers are mostly military wives as well and most of them are moving also.  Therefore, I decided to make a little present for each of them, since they always tell me how much they enjoy my cards.  I wound up making a set of 5 cards for each of them, which means I made 12 sets!! It was a lot of work and took over 2 weeks to complete, but it was also a lot of fun and I know they will appreciate them. 
The clear boxes I put them in are from


Melissa said...

These are lovely!

Jen Rubio said...

Wow!! Just beautiful Kasie!! I can't get over how talented you are with your Cricut too! THANKS for inspiring me with your creativity! :)